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A return to basic form, keeping notes on media

Once upon a time, I would consume tons of news and forum postings on a constant basis for a certain social media analysis firm. …

As a near direct result of my previous thoughts on the status of the Smash community’s closure of the Smash Code of Conduct Panel, I was invited to share a double-action hindsight/next-steps piece with Juked’s growing readership. I’m happy with how this turned out.

I hope to write over there more in the future, but I’ve been focusing on my personal headspace right now. If I can’t bring myself to publish a piece at least five times a week either under my own name or here at lowercase esports, I don’t deserve to try.

I swear, every year one of the gaming outlets publish a retrospective on Terranigma, and they’re always nostalgia trips. I remember discovering this game during high school.

One of the early moments in the game’s first chapter floored me completely. The narrative of recreating the world stopped being ambiguous as I resurrected my first continent. After the second continent, I was hooked.

I suspect the game never saw a release in North American because of the times (read: contradiction of creationist theory), but it’s a damn shame. I wonder if Square Enix would ever consider readapting the story of Terranigma with a modern adventure game design.


Code of Conduct Panel shuts down with years of investigations unfinished

Earlier this week, the Super Smash Bros. competitive community suffered another blow in what’s becoming a brutal 2020 for the scene. The community’s Code of Conduct Panel announced it would be immediately disbanded, citing the massive amount of work it could not complete in a reasonable amount of time.


Reading this sort of news while titles from both Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises are in active development doesn’t inspire the best feelings about current conditions at BioWare. …

Yeah, okay, I suppose you could say Overwatch League appears in desperate need for content in their offseason based on this tweet.

My kneejerk aversion to this sort of comparison shouldn’t really warrant an explanation, but it’s worth pointing out there’s only been three years of OWL in the books and Michael Jordan started winning championships after six years at Chicago. Comparing fifty-eight games played (in a not quite fully realized career) against a full career of over a thousand games played misses the mark, to say the least.

And we’ll just overlook the fact the last comparison point even exists.

Addressing the recent DMCA business by promoting a music licensing subscription should have been a smart move for Twitch. There’s merit in the idea of allowing the platform’s streamers to figure out how to continue in the manner of which they’ve become accustomed. …

Alternatively entitled:
Braindead Fortnite morons might soon stream the game to their phone

I mean, yes, this is the British Broadcasting Corporation we’re poking fun at, and, sure, I understand that kids will engineer methods to play Fortnite on their phones with a certain ignorance of the performance loss and…

Facebook are in the process of rolling out the first ad platform that features full game demos.

First: this is a glorified ad platform, but it’s bundled with a call to action that is deeper than the Flash ads of the past and mobile game demos of the present. Trying…

Destiny 2 was a polarizing game for me.

On one hand, the gameplay simply felt right from the start. On the other, ATVI ruined it by asking me to pay more than I was willing to for more content within the same universe. I had hoped with Bungie’s independence from…

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